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3000 Old Alabama Rd
Suite 119-198
Atlanta, GA 30022
(770) 649-0006
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Hawkeye Process Technology Systems

biodiesel process equipment 2Hawkeye is the exclusive equipment and technology vendor for Go Green. The Company sells proven technologies that support a green energy platform.


Hawkeye state of the art biodiesel plants convert a variety of feedstock to ASTM spec biodiesel. Its equipment package includes a methanol recovery system, which recycles up to 75% of unconsumed methanol for later use and a glycerin refining unit, which upgrades the glycerin normally produced in the biodiesel reaction to animal feed grade. A turnkey, commercial grade 6 and 12MM gallon per year equipment package are available for installation.


Hawkeye Pyrolyzer equipment converts waste tires, plastics, shingles, auto fluff and other feedstock to fuel oil and carbon black and can include add on equipment to upgrade carbon black to meet off take requirements as well as converting the fuel oil to green diesel.

Waste Corn Oil to Biodiesel Platform

BIODIESEL FROM CORN OILGo Green has developed a Waste Corn Oil to Biodiesel Platform for installation at Ethanol Plants. The Platform is manufactured by Hawkeye and uses proprietary technology to efficiently convert waste, non-food grade corn oil from ethanol production to ASTM spec biodiesel with fast kinetics for rapid throughput. Corn oil is an excellent source of feedstock from which to make biodiesel as it has a lower cloud point than biodiesel produced from other feedstock.


The Platform offers substantial revenue for the ethanol producer as biodiesel has a significantly higher market value over waste corn oil. There’s a significant financial advantage to having a captive feedstock source at location with no acquisition or transportation costs. The Platform’s modular, scalable and commercial design has versatility for installation at all ethanol plants. The Platform can be applied on a regional basis where a larger Platform is installed at a centralized ethanol plant to process waste corn oil from the host and surrounding plants.